Who we are

Facilitating Crypto Payment Processing (CPP)

A proven crypto payment provider in high-volume industries

Individualised crypto services and Over The Counter trades



A team of veterans with unrivalled expertise in banking, iGaming, payments and virtual currencies who provide state of the art CPP, B2B Crypto Invoicing and OTC Services.

Both our legacy software and platform have a proven track record with processed volumes in excess of one billion Euros.

Our infrastructure adheres to and often exceeds industry standards.


We are ready to take your business!

Our services

CPP (Crypto Payment Processing)

Our flexible API allows your business to integrate crypto/BTC payments in a seamless manner

B2B Crypto Invoicing

Avoidance of edge cases such as late payments, over or under payments, by utilizing automated refundable flows

Crypto payments

Automatically receive, track and convert crypto payments to any of the supported FIAT currencies at spot rate

OTC Trading

Simplify buying and selling crypto through:

◈ Execution Trading

◈ Brokerage

◈ Dedicated team of traders

◈ Access to deep liquidity

◈ 24/7 support

◈ Fast settlements

Security compliance

Speed and Security are paramount in crypto.

The Moneybite platform is designed and built to deliver fast response times whilst protecting against the security concerns that are common in this space.

Why Moneybite

  • Zero chargeback risk

  • Instant settlements and global settlements

  • No slippage

  • Reduced exposure to handling and storing crypto assets

  • Optional spot conversion of BTC to Euro (Instant)

  • No volatility risk

  • Reporting Platform for business insight

  • Competitive fees

  • Instant transaction confirmation

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